ANY 75 RECORDS FOR $225 , PLUS $43 FOR SHIPPING, IF THE INVOICE SHOWS MORE THAN $43 , DON'T PAY IT, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN MAKE IT CORRECT.CONDITION: IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE CONDITION OF ANY RECORD, LET ME KNOW,. AND I WILL TELL YOU WHAT I SEE ON THE SURFACE OR ON THE LABEL..BUY ANY 75 RECORDS FOR $225 , WHICH IS A WHOLE CONTAINERS WORTH,SHIPPING IS ONLY $43 FOR THE CONTAINER. THE CONTAINER IS A RUBBER MAID TOTE THAT I GET FROM WALMART OR HOME DEPOT,AND OF COURSE YOU KEEP THE CONTAINER. SOMETIMES , WHEN WE LOOK FOR THE RECORDS, WE FIND IT BROKEN , CRACKED OR NOT EVEN THERE, AND THATS BECAUSE SOMEONE FORGOT TO DELETE IT FROM THE LISTING. IN THIS CASE, THE RECORD IF FOUND TO BE BROKEN OR CRACKED, IT IS THROWN AWAY. if you want to know values on any singer/musician , then go to popsike.com . this is a free search ALL RECORDS COME SLEEVED. NOT THE ORIGINAL SLEEVES, BUT SLEEVES. YOU CAN COMBINE PURCHASES. EVERY RECORD IS SENT MEDIA MAIL. UNLESS YOU WANT IT SENT OTHERWISE.  BELOW YOU WILL SEE THE NAME OF THE RECORD LABEL , THE SONG , THE SINGER, THE FLIP SIDE INFORMATION.HADDA BROOKS BOX 1.. SITTIN IN WITH , LAUGHING BOY, BUDDY STEWART, SHAWN2. CAPITOL, I'M GONNA MARRY MARY, JIMMY WAKELY, TOO MANY SWEETHEARTS 3.CADET, THE HOO,SLIM GAILLARD QUARTET, BABY WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME 4.EXCELLO, CONGO MOMBO, GUITAR GABLE, LIFE PROBLEM 5.TEMPO, JIVE MELODY, BROTHER BONES, JA-DA 6,VOCALION, ONE NIGHT IN JUNE, GENE FOSDICK'S HOOSTERS, LOST 7. RCA, A MIGHTY PRETTY WALTZ, PEE WEE KING, TWO FACED CLOCK 8.RCA, BUSYBODY, PEE WEE KING, I DONT MIND9.DECCA, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW, CLIFF BRUNER'S TEXAS WANDERERS, I HATE TO LOVE YOU 10.LONDON, I;LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, THE BEVERLY SISTERS, GREENSLEEVES12. VOCALION, HUMORESQUE, SASHA CULBERTSON, 13.VICTOR, MISTER GALLAGHER AND MISTER SHEAN, PAUL WHITEMAN, PARADE OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS 14.ATLANTIC, LUCILLE, CLYDE MCPHATTER, THE DRIFTERS, SUCH A NIGHT 15.HI TONE, JOHNSON RAG, EUGENIE  BAIRD , OLD MASTER PAINTER, LARRY DOUGLAS 17.GENNETT,SISTER KATE, LADD'S BLACK ACES, YOU CAN HAVE HIM , I DON'T WANT HIM 18,ESSEX, ICY HEART, BILL HALEY, ROCK THE JOINT 19.DECCA, DARLIN, LUCKY MILLINDER,ALL THE TIME 20.MANOR, FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS, THE BROWN DOTS, ITS A PITY TO SAY GOODNIGHT 21.EMERSON, BABY CURLS, MERRY MELODY MEN, LIPS, GREEN BROTHERS NOVELTY BAND 22.CAPITOL, I CAN'T LEAVE MYRTLE ALONE, THE MAYTIMERS, SON OF INDIA 23.SITTIN IN WITH, JUNCO PARTNER, JAMES WAYNES, TRYIN' TO FIND A GIRL 24.SITTIN IN WITH, TEND TO YOUR BUSINESS, JAMES WAYNES, LOVE ME BLUES 25.DECCA, PARADE OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS, ETHEL SMITH, BY THE WATERS OF MINETONKA 26. CAPITOL, CASBAH, TADD DAMERON, SID'S DELIGHT 27. DECCA, THE BREEZE AND I , ETHEL SMITH, ALLA EN EL RANCHO GRANDE, LAS ALTENITAS 28.CAPITOL, IT'S IN THE BOOK, JOHNNY STANDLEY, ITS IN THE BOOK, PART 229.COLUMBIA, I WISH I COULD SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER KATE, THE GEORGIANS , CHICAGO (THAT TODDLING TOWN) 30.VICTOR, POOR BUTTERFLY, JOSEPH C. SMITH, ALLAH'S HOLIDAY 32.DECCA, THE YOU AND ME THAT USED TO BE MAL HALLETT, CAUSE MY BABY SAYS IT'S SO 33.X, GET ABOARD MY WAGON, TERRY FELL AND THE FELLERS, YOU DON'T GIVE A HANG ABOUT ME 34.LONDON, I FOUND MY MAMA , SALTY HOLM'E'S AD HIS SINGING HARMONICA, DON;T SHED YOUR TEARS AFTER I'M GONE 35.MAYFAIR, THE LADY IN BLUE, AL RICKEY36.REMINGTON, BERMUDA, THE PEEL SISTERS, STOLEN LOVE 37.VICTOR, TO HAVE , TO HOLD, TO LOVE , HARRY MACDONOUGH, THE TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE, EDNA BROWN ,JAMES HARRISON 38.LONDON, CHOCOLATE WHISKEY AND VANILLA GIN, EDMUNDO ROS,NO,NO AND NO!  JAN MAZURUS39.HI TONE, THE RECORD IS GREEN COLORED, JOHNSON RAG, EUGENIE BAIRD, A DREAMER'S HOLIDAY, JIMMY SAUNDERS 40.DECCA, I'LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU, CLIFF BRUNER'S TEXAS WANDERERS, OVER MOONLIT WATERS41.CHECKER, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, THE TUNE WEAVERS, OL MAN RIVER 42.COLUMBIA, KEEP A LITTLE COZY CORNER IN YOUR HEART FOR ME, THEODORE F. MORSE ,BEN BOLT 43.MEDALLION, JUST SNAP YOUR FINGERS AT CARE, WALDORF ASTORIA DANCE ORCHESTRA, TIRED OF ME, PALACE TRIO 44.SAVOY, HOPPIN JOHN, PAUL WILLIAMS, THE HUCKLE-BUCK 45. LIFE, O'DARLING MY DARLING, BUD PRESSNER, DON'T HIDE THE SONG THAT'S IN YOUR HEART46.DOT, BIG MIKE, BONNIE GUITAR, DARK MOON 47. DERBY, I MAY HATE MYSELF IN THE MORNING, BETTE MCLAURIN, I HEAR A RHAPSODY 48.RCA,CANDY AND CAKE, MINDY CARSON, MY FOOLISH HEART 49.CAPITOL, WINE , WOMEN AND SONG, SAM FREED, ARTIST'S LIFE 50.OKEH, DON'T CALL MY NAME, HELENE DIXON, THE BREEZE 51.DAVIS, SMOKEY MOUNTAIN, CLAYTON MCMICHEN, GEORGIA WILDCAT BREAKDOWN53.WALLO, SAY YOU LOVE ME, JOSEPH WALLO, HIS TRIO AND WILHEMINA GREIDEL, BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES 55.RCA, WHEN YOU NEED MY HELP, WALTER DAVIS, MY FRIENDS DON'T KNOW ME56.TEMPO, MARGIE, BROTHER BONES, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN57.SIGNATURE, I HAVE BUT ONE HEART, MONICA LEWIS, IN LOVE IN VAIN 59.,ESSEX, YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE, BUNNY PAUL, NEW LOVE 61.DOT, ANGEL, ANGEL, BILLY VAUGHN, AUTUMN CONCERTO 62.DECCA, ENGLISH MUFFINS AND IRISH STEW, SYLVIA SYMS, WALK SWEET 64.DECCA, SNOWFLAKES, CLIF BRUNER, THT'S WHAT I LIKE 'BOUT THE SOUTH65,.BULLET, I WONDER, CECIL GANT TRIO, I BELIEVE I'LL GO BACK HOME 66,.ARA, GINNY SIMMS, WITH LOU BRING, I LIVE BUT TO LOVE YOU , MY MELANCHOLY BABY 67.APOLLO, TORNA A SURRIENTO, TONY BARI, LUNA MEZZO MARE 69.EPIC, DON'T STAY AWAY TOO LONG, LILLIAN BRIGGS, I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY 70.COLUMBIA, MY BUDDY, EDWIN DALE, FOR THE SAKE OF AULD LANG SYNE   72.PARK, BECAUSE OF YOU, LANNY ROSS, JUST ONE MORE CHANCE, MIMI MARTEL AND THE TOPPERS, THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE, JUNE WINTERS, DOMINO, BUD ROMAN 73.MGM, IF I HAD A GOLDEN UMBRELLA , THE CLOVERLEAFS, SAY SI SI, ART MOONEY'S LITTLE BAND 75.VARSITY, LITTLE GIRL, JOHNNY MCGEE, MA, HE'S MAKING EYES AT ME76.AMIJO, NEVER GIVE YOUR KISSES TO A STRANGER, SHANNON SISTERS, IF YOU EVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN.crate 3111. atco records, sympathy, the sensations, yes sir, that's my baby2. duke, that's my baby, junior parker, mother In law  blues3.challenge, tequila, the champs, train to nowhere,.5.imperial, beautiful dreamer, slim Whitman, ride away8.national, hong kong blues, Lennie herman, grandfather's clock9.king, sneaky pete, bull moose Jackson, I love you yes I do10.national, f.y.i. Charlie ventura, a.m. p.m song11.king, real, real, fine, part 1 and 2,  sonny Thompson12. mercury, jockey blues, cats n jammer three, bill samuels13. imperial, china doll, slim Whitman, indian love call14.15.jubilee, I wonder when, the orioles, moonlight17.regal, crying for the Carolines cliquot club eskimos,have a little faith in me18.london, Kilimanjaro, manhattan brothers, lovely liescase #340 burger 1.atlantic, teardrops from my eyes, ruth brown, am I making the same mistake again2.mercury, mama's gone goodbye, jimmy palmer, soft shoulders3.his business is love, bobby wayne, miserable love4.decca, noro mambo,jungle bird5.decca, belle of the ball, Leroy Anderson, blue tango6.decca, blue tango, Leroy Anderson ,belle of the ball7.continental , jumping jack special, boogie woogie, Dorothy donegan, little girl from st. Louis8.enterprise, zip a dee doo dah, paul page with the masqueraders, soft and low9.gong, (I wanna go where you go_ then i'll be happy, leo diamond, hush a bye10.mercury, goquette, the gaylords, tell me that you love me11.mercury, the canasta song clyde McCoy, sister kate12.federal, i'm tore up, billy gayles, if I never had known you13.aladdin please don't drive me away, Charles brown, one minute to one14. aristocrat, mickey, lee monti's tu tones, my little girl15.atlantic, one mint julep, the clovers, middle of the night16.savoy, dexter digs in dexter Gordon quintette , long tall dexter17.columbia, open the door Richard, the three flames, Nicholas18.rainbow, moonlight and roses, eddie piano miller ,somebody else is taking my place19.savoy, bye bye baby, nappy brown, goody goody gum drop20.savoy, gee baby, johnny Otis,mambo boogie21.sharp, i'm just a little blue, lee  monti's tu tones,tu tone boogie  22.signature, i'll close my eyes, johnny bothwell,I won't promise23.super disc, beaty steel blues, the Tennessee ramblers, guitar boogie, the rambler trio24.peacock, in the garden, the spirit of Memphis, the great love25.pals, san Antonio rose, Kensington string band, peggy o'neil26.nashville, when the saints go marching in, chosen gospel singers, it's alright27.rainbow, at the jazz band ball, eddie piano miller, hony tonk boogie28.varsity, loobie lou, varsity string band, red river valley30.mercury, some rainy day, Floyd hunt, that's why i'm crying31.merury, monkeyshines, mr. goon boons & barney lantz ,tiger rag32.keynote, diga diga doo, George Hartman ,musrat ramble34.okeh, the one I love belong to somebody else, bill carlsen, black eyed susan brown35.tempo, practice makes perfect, Lloyd Sullivan, blueberry hill36.london, when you look in the heart of a shamrock, the wayfarers, in the twi twi twilight37.coral, tommy sosebee, homesick, lonesome and sorry, wedding blossoms38.decca, lero lero, bem te vi atrevido, ethel smith, tico tico39.victor, Mississippi cradle, edna brown, Elliot shaw ,when shall we meet again40.vocalion, a good man is hard to find, bill carlsen, how come you do me like you do41.okeh, he'd have to get under, get out and get under, hoosier hot shots, oh you beautiful doll42.down beat, my gal at eight, lowel fulson , wee hours in the morning43. capitol, hurry on down, Nellie Lutcher, the lady's in love with you44.harmonia, come bac to Sorrento, ten meyn, make believe45. capitol, can I come in for a second, Nellie Lutcher and nat king cole, for you my love46.vee jay, i'll let nothing separate me, the raspberry singers, I thank you lord47.open48.hollywood, lonesome crhristmas, Lowell fulson,49.bluebird, come down to earth, my angel, fats waller, liver lip jones50.capitol, there's a smile on the face of the moon tonight, jimmie davis, ive got news for you51.open52.enterprise, my oh my, irving ashby sextette, if you can't control your man53.decca, jitterbug polka, jolly jack robel world's fair polka54.jubilee, lonely Christmas, the orioles, what are you doing new year's eve55.decca, dear God , watch over joe, jenny lou carson jealous heart56.mercury, careless hands, eddie dean, don't tell me stories57.columbia, just around the corner, the dell trio, the one I love88.decca, that's all, lucky millinder and rosetta tharpe, when the lights go on again, lucky millinder59.vocalion, rumple-stilts-kin, chick bullock ,i'm building a sailboat of dreams60.decca, a new moon and an old serenade, ted fio rito, i'd like to fall in love againNEXT TO XMAS TREEI DO NOT GIVE PARTIAL REFUNDS, IF I HAVE MISREPRESENTED THE RECORDS IN THIS LISTING YOU CAN GET A FULL REFUND, HOWEVER, YOU PAY SHIPPING BACK TO ME.1.KING , HONKY TONK, PART 1 & 2,2.DUKE, THE CLOCK, JOHNNY ACE, ACES WILD3.DUKE, BURLEY CUTIE, JOHNNY ACE, NEVER LET GO4.DUKE, MY SONG, JOHNNY ACE, FOLLOW THE RULE5.DUKE, NO MONEY, JOHNNY ACE, PLEDGING MY LOVE6. ATLANTIC, LOVE ME CHERRY, CHUCK WILLIS, THAT TRAIN HAS GONE7. ATLANTIC, MERCURY, YOU'LL NEVER NEVER KNOW, THE PLATTERS, IT ISN'T RIGHT8. ATLANTIC, OLD FOLKS, AL HIBBLER, THE BLUES CAME FALLING DOWN9. JUBILEE, AT NIGHT, THE ORIOLES, EVERY DOG GONE TIME10.MERCURY, BLOW YOUR HORN , RED PRYSOCK, HAPPY FEET11.RADIEX, VARSITY DRAG, ORIGINAL DIXIE RAG PICKERS , BEALE STREET BLUES12. EPIC, MY FAITH, MY HOPE, MY LOVE, ROY HAMILTON, SO LONG13.BEACON, WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN, 5 RED CAPS, I LEARNED A LESSON I'LL NEVER FORGET14.STATES, HE'S ALRIGHT WITH ME, JIMMY COE, RAID ON THE AFTER HOUR JOINT15.PRESTIGE, GOODBYE, BILLY TAYLOR TRIO, EDDIE'S THEME16.MUSICRAFT, AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, LOUANNE HOGAN, LOO FOR THE SILVER LINING17.VEE JAY, HONEST I DO, JIMMY REED, SIGNALS OF LOVE18.BLUEBIRD, EASY STREET, SONNY DUNHAM, SAND IN MY SHOES19.DECCA, THE MAN I LOVE, HAZEL SCOTT, FASCINATING RHYTHM20.VEE JAY, WHERE IS MY MOTHER, THE MONTA'GUE YOURS AND MINECASE 358 STUV  IF YOU WANT TO KNOW VALUE OF THE SINGERS LISTED HERE, GO TO POPSIKE.COM  AND PUT THE SINGERS NAME IN THE SEARCH BOX AND HIT SEARCH.1.PRESTIGE RECORDS, SAY, JACK! BENNIE GREEN SEXTET2.VARIETY, TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS, CINDY, OH CINDY, BLUEBERRY HILL, LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN, THE BUS STOP SONG3.MERCURY, DO ME GOOD BABY, THE CREW CUTS, OOP-SHOOP4.GONE, DARLING, THE DUBS, DONT ASK ME5.SAVOY, SYMPHONY SID'S IDEA, ALLEN EAGER QUARTET, AND THE ANGELS SWING, STAN GETZ QUARTET6.MERCURY, GATOR TAIL, PART 1 & 2 , COOTIE WILLIAMS,7.SWING TIME, EVERYDAY I HAVE THE BLUES, LOWELL FULSON, ROCKING AFTER MIDNIGHT8.SHARP, WHOSE ARMS ARE YOU IN TONIGHT, LEE MONTI'S TU TONES, IT GOES IN ONE EAR, AND OUT THE OTHER9.KING, GOOD MORNING MR BLUES, WYNONIE HARRIS, GOOD ROCKIN TONIGHT10.CORAL, I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER, BILLY WILLIAMS, DATE WITH THE BLUES11.NATIONAL, I'VE BEEN A FOOL, THE RAVENS, I DON'T HAVE TO RIDE NO MORE12.MERCURY, AUTOMATIC MAMA, SONS OF THE SOIL, WHY AM I SO LONELY13.MERCURY, INDIANA WALLTZ, PEE WEE JENKINS, TENNESSEE MOON14.KING, HONKY TONK PART 1 & 2, BILL DOGGETT,16.DECCA, PINE BROWN BLUES, JOE TURNER, 627 STOMP  PETE JOHNSON'S BAND17. DECCA, YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW, LIL ARMSTRONG, HAPPY TODAY SAD TOMORROW18..DECCA, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, SOME OF THE WORDS ARE HARD TO READ, SO I AM GUESSING AT THE SPELLING, BOONE'S JUMPING JACKS, FLIP SIDE IS ILLEGIBLE19. RCA, RAG MOP, BRADFORD AND ROMANO,CHATANOOGIE SHOE SHINE BOY20.VICTOR, WRECK OF THE OLD 97, VERNON DALHART, THE PRISONER'S SONG1.majestic, my guys come back , Thelma carpenter, these foolish things2.Columbia, I swear, john hicks, too late to 3.decca, maybe its because , Louis Armstrong, i'll keep the love 4. spotlight, penny nickel dime quarter , bob crewe, how long 5.Apollo, dollie, teacho Wiltshire until you say you're mine6.gennett, red headed music maker, Wendell hall, it aint gonna rain 7.rca, mean old sco blues, Arthur big boy Crudup, i'm in the mood 8. vocalion, lime stone rock, tom ennis, jas Morrison, john millER CASE #353case # 369abc1.signature, yank's two day toot, yak Lawson, sugar (other word(s) are illegible,2.3.crown, love, love, love, lee winters, the wallflower4. vee jay, eventie, joe buckner, deanie boy5. federal, no room, billy ward, i'd be satisfied6.7. Aladdin, hucklebuck with jimmy, the five keys, the glory of love8. modern play boy blues, pearl traylor, 11:45 swing , howard McGhee9.hit, johnny doughboy found a rose in Ireland, chico marx, we must be vigilant10.mercury, buffalo billy, Roberta quinlan, I never had a worry in the worldcase #310 1 VICTOR SCROLL, GOIN BACK TO TENNESSEE, BOYD SENTER AND HIS SENTERPEDES, WABASH BLUES ,2.DECCA, TENNESSEE BLUES, EILEEN WILSON, THE PREVIOUS OWNER , WROTE ON THE LABEL ON THIS SIDE. COLD COLD HEART ,3.VICTOR, "NO NEWS" OR "WHAT KILLED THE DOG", NAT M. WILLS, THE THREE TREES, TOM MCNAUGHTON,5.MERCURY, CHOP, CHOP BOOM, THE CREW CUTS, DONT BE ANGRY,  HOWEVER, ON ONE SIDE, THERE IS A CHIP ON THE EDGE, THAT DOES GO SLIGHTLY INTO THE GROOVES, THERE IS ANOTHER CHIP ON THE EDGE, BUT THAT DOES NOT GO INTO THE GROOVES6. COMMODORE, AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL, WILD BILL DAVISON AND HIS COMMODORES,BABY WONT YOU PLEASE COME HOME7.MERCURY, I'M FALLING FOR YOU, BILLY SAMUELS, THAT CHICKS TO YOUNG TO FRY8. VICTOR, I CAN'T BREAK THE HABIT OF YOU ,FATS WALLER, YOU'RE LAUGHING AT ME9. CONQUEROR, YOU'LL NEVER MISS YOUR MOTHER TILL SHE'S GONE , SMOKEY MOUNTAIN TWINS, THERES NO DISAPOINTMENT IN HEAVEN ,10. VEE JAY,I'LL BE FOREVER LOVING YOU, THE EL DORADOS, I BEGAN TO REALIZE11.SAVOY, ISERY, LITTLE ESTHER, MISTRUSTIN BLUES, LITTLE ESTHER WITH MEL WALKER12.PRESTIGE, MOODY MOOD FOR LOVE, KING PLEASURE, EXCLAMATION BLUES case #344xxx1.gone, such lovin, the dubs,could this be magic2.hamp-tone, i'll always be in love with you, roy miltons sextet , to be alone blues3.mercury, I concentrate on you, billy daniels, that ol' black magic4.imperial, a touch of the blues, ernie freeman, return to me5. states, down for Debbie swinging sax kari, daughter6.epic, lee roy and band, (this record, there is no label, just a stamp on one side)7. chess, the eagle stiret'h  her nest, rev. c.l. franklin,8. okeh, change my mind, chuck willis , my heart's been broke again9. duke, farther up the road, bobby blue bland, sometime tomorrow10.okeh, looking the world over , Memphis Minnie, (the song might be wrong, its very hard to read, ), title of song is illegible, little son joe11.jubilee, forgive and forget, the orioles, so much12.capitol, missing persons, ferlin husky, gone13.exclusive, down home blues, joe liggins, ten toes14.king, hand in hand, bill Doggett, slow walk15. atlantic, your cash ain't nothin' but trash, the clovers, I've got my eyes on you16.atlantic, honey love, the drifters, warm your heart18. decca, messy, boone's jumping jacks please be careful19.black and white, slowly goin crazy blues ,rabon Tarrant, rules with a feeling20. savoy, back alley blues, the beale st. gang, double crossing blues21.aladdin, flying home, amos milburn, put something in my hand22.columbia, san Antonio blues, big bill, just rocking23.savoy, double crossing blues, johnny Otis quintette ,back alley blues24.okeh, my story, chuck willis, caldonia25.smokey, buck private's lament, rocky ford,"my sergeant loves me" blues .26.decca, lonely heart of mine, ross rhythm rascals, please don't tal about me when i'm gone27.vee jay, eventime, joe buckner, deanie boy, tommy deans28. swing time, Lloyd glenn, angora, cuba doll29.columbia, boogie woogie prayer, meade lux lewis, pete Johnson, albert ammons,30.modern, million dollar secret, Helen humes, i'm gonna let him ride31.king, seventeen, boyd Bennett, little ole you all32.down beat, hot biscuits, jay mcshann, slow drag blues33.epic, man on the beat, lee roy, b.o.plenty34.atlantic, honey hush, joe turner, crawdad hole35. crown, nobody likes to cry, don,dick and harry, baby you!36.variety, ebb tide, chu berry, my secret love affairCASE #347 BBBTHIS IS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR RESALERS IN THE RECORD INDUSTRY. MY PRICES ARE LOW AND I LIKE TO SELL IN QUANTITY. YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER HERE. WE GET MORE 78'S THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY IN CHICAGOLAND. .1.peacock,darling depend on me, elmore morris, don't let it end this way2.commodore, esquire blues, leonard feather's all stars, esquire bounce3.gotham, oh, baby!  doris browne, please believe me4.imperial, high class woman, little bubber, come back baby5.4 star my blue heaven, gene Austin, but i'm alright (the word but is hard to read, and therefore might be another word.6.duke, sometime tomorrow, bobby blue bland, farther up the road7.duke, bobby's blues, bobby blue bland, teach me (how to love you )8. continental , gee baby, ain't I good to you, hot lips page, the lady in red9.juke box, voo it!  voo it!  the blues woman, cryin blues10.trend, were you ever mine to lose ,the lancers, sweet mama tree top tall11.continental, big   "d" blues, hot lips page it ain't like that12.roost, after i'm gone, little johnny scott, dearest darling13.checker, night train, daddyo Gibson, behind the sun13.federal, deep sea blues, the dominoes, have mercy baby14.duke, farther up the road, bobby blue bland,sometime tomorrow15.mercury, mr. cleanhead steps out, eddie vinson, juice head baby16.savoy, just to see you smile again, the four buddies I will wait17.duke, sometime tomorrow, bobby blue bland, farther up the road18.savoy, goody goody gum drop, nappy brown, bye bye baby19. decca, Canadian capers, lew stone and his band, tiger rag20.specialty, srange things happening, percy Mayfield, please send me someone to love CASE # CHEAP 3THERE ARE 5  78 RPM RECORDS, ALL RECORDS ARE BROADWAY RECORD LABEL, BELOW YOU WILL SEE THE SONG AND THE SINGERS NAME AND THE FLIP SIDE1.CHLOE, TUNE TINKERS, MARY ANN 2.JUST ANOTHER DAY WASTED AWAY, CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS, WHEN DAY IS DONE, SAM LANIIN 3.YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME,WALTER COLLINS, BROADWAY MELODY4.HONEY , MIDNIGHT RAMBLERS I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINS, FRANK RAYMOND'S DANCE ORCHESTRA5.ALL BY MYSELF IN THE MOONLIGHT, FRED WILLARD, SWEETHEART OF ALL MY DREAMS ROYAL DANCE ORCHESTRAcase #3501.victor, the fisher boy, mme. kitty berger, heather bells2.decca,cow cow boogie, ink spots and ella fitzgerald,when my sugar walks down the street3.cameo, it's a funny feeling, the Detroiters, breakaway, cliff Roberts,4.conqueror, gonna quit, my rowdy ways, callanhan brothers, she's killing me5.oriole, if I had a talking picture of you, the yankee ten , poor little Russian rose billy james dance orchestra6.capitol, Tennessee train, the four knights , baby doll7.decca, i'm knee deep in daisies, whispering jack smith , Cecilia8.victor, mean to me, vera barton, just a moon ago9.decca, golden dream, peter uryga, two clarinets10.columbia, do something, the sunshine boys, i'm croonin a tune about june11.victor, while the years roll by, edna brown, Elliott shaw , mary, dear12.decca, blue tango, Leroy Anderson,belle of the ball13.victor, one o'clock jump, metronome all star band , bugle call rag14.rca, under a blanket of blue, you were meant for me15.signature, sugar, yank Lawson, sensation rag16.capitol, sugar blues boogie, clyde McCoy, I just love affection17.mood, cheek to cheek, bob bachelder, t,v, rumba18.brunswick,let's misbehave, banjo buddy, lila19.keynote, lulu gonsalves menconi, tumbando20.mercury, halleluhah, bud powell trio, tea for two21.decca, love lies, bobby byrne, trade winds22.sharp, tu tone boogie, lee monti's tu tones, i'm just a little blue23.mercury, my extra ordinary gal, the les paul trio, suspicion, fos carling25.decca, tear it down, clyde McCoy, sugar blues26.capitol, wonderful one, frank devol, three o'clock in the morning27.vocalion, you know you belong to someone else, ace brigode why should I cry over you28.signature, i'll remember april, johnny bothwell, ill wind29.columbia, I wonder where my sweet, sweet daddy's gone, marion harris, i'm nobody's baby30.signature, laura, johnny bothwell, lonely serenade31.decca, alla en el rancho grande, pancho, down argentina way,32.victor, granny, Yvette rugel,ka lu a,edna brown eliot shaw33.victor, salut d'amour , Margaret McKee, invitation34.victor, hush a bye ma baby, edna brown, somewhere my love  lies dreaming, james reed j.f. Harrison35.rca, I would send you roses, dolph Hewitt, I wish I knew36.signature, john's other wife, johnny bothwell, the trouble with me is you37.regal, by the way, buddy blue and his Texans, perhaps, ten freshmen38. Apollo, pick up boys, auld Hawkins, Webster sextet,porgy39.brunswick, march of the musketeers, Arnold Johnson, ma belle40. okeh, you are the one, ginny simms, frenesi41.harmonia, saw mill river road, ted meyn ,lee pepper, artists life42.abbey, Kathy march, were alone at alast, jerry shard, I dropped a penny in the wishing well,43.majestic, trigger fantasy, tony mottola four, guilty44.capitol, south rampart street parade, nappy lamare's levee loungers,mama Inez45.aladdin, fat and forty, al hibbler, I surrender dear46.haven, i'll always be with you, Arthur prysock, makin a fool out of me47.columbia, jeunesse, clyde doer,rocked in the cradle of the deep49.musicraft, waiting , joan brooks, I think about you50. victor, red headed music maker, Wendell hall, it ain't gonna rain no mocase #320 moped1.victor, two sleepy people, fats waller, the minor drag2.decca, mansion over the hilltop, jimmie davis with the anita kerr singers, I ain't gonna study war no mo3.columbia, I guess I've been dreaming again, spade cooley ,steel guitar rag4.specialty, down and out blues, jimmy liggins, lonely nights blues5.savoy, brotherly love, emit slay trio, my kind of woman6.columbia, pennies for papa, jimmie dickens, take an old cold tater7.tennessee, stay away from Dixieland, snooky lanson, time8. king, mashuga over you, pee wee Erwin , shake it and break it9.national, s.k. blues, joe turner ,10.specialty, too late for tears, Lloyd price, let me come home, baby11.decca, confessin' the blues, part 1 & 2,  jay mcshann,12.merury, I thought she was a local , louie innis, she's mean to me13. rpm, vidos boogie, vido musso, blue night14.decca, when the morning comes , jimmie davis, when they ring those golden bells15.chess, the twenty third psalm, rev c.l. franklin,16.chess, the twenty third psalm, rev. c.l. franklin17.atlantic, one mint julep, the clovers, middle of the night18.atlantic, middle of the night, the clovers  , one mint julep19.mercury, down the road, lester flatt, earl Scruggs, why don't you tell me so20.king, i'm stickin with you baby, little willie john ,are you ever coming back21.vee jay, another night, jay mc shann, hands off22.vee jay, hands off, jay mc shann, another night24.coral, hold me, thrill me, kiss me, Karen chandler, one dream25.excello, miss you so, Lillian offitt, if you only knew26.odeon, under the double eagle, royal Italian marine band, nibelungen march27.capitol, my late cousin once dreamed, erna sack28.deluxe, I'm just a use to be, whitey & Hogan, i'm just here to get my baby out of jail29.top  tune, oriental blues, jack newton, stranger  you're in danger, gene smith30.varsity, daddys little girl, curley marrow, quicksilvercase 5 g1.decca, i know that you know, seger ellis,a pretty girl is like a melody2.vocalion, red hot mama (blues) ben selvin, charlie my boy (2 of these 3. columbia, casey jones, collins and harlan,ogalalla,stanley and burr4.decca, that chicks too young to fry, louis jordan,choo choo ch'boogie (2 of these5.harmony, me too, joe candulo sadie green6.columbia, red wing, stanley and burr, virginia        (second word is illegbile )7.mercury, bark, battle and ball, the platters, only you 8.rondo, cielito lindo lolita lopez, indian love call, don pablo's orchestra9.rondo, green eyes, don pablo's orchestra, maria elena 10.b & w, black and white, squeeze me, lena horne, you go to my head 11.federal, the bittersweet, annisteen allen, the bluest blues 12.regal, november rose, jos, samuels ,flip side is illegible 13.victor, basin street blues, dr.henry levine and his barefooted dixieland philharmonic ,shoemaker's holiday, maestro paul laval and his woodwindy ten 14.victor, runnin' wild, maestro paul laval 15.atlantic, tomorrow night, lavern baker, tweedle dee 16.victor, harem life, paul biese, bo la bo 17.columbia, the best time, lu ann simms, moving away 18.columbia black label, some of these days, ted lewis and sophie tucker, bugle call rag 19.essex, oh happy day, ron howard, you went away 20.columbia, heigh ho , frederick bowers, every little movement ,singers names are illegible21.brunswick, i never knew, mario perry ,blue jeans 22.vocalion, cafe society rag, albert,meade.pete and their three pianos ,lovin' mama blues,pete johnson and his boogie woogie boys 23.vocalion, valeska, the ambassadors, she was just a sailor's sweetheart 24.decca, what's the use of getting sober,louis jordan, the chicks i pick are slender and tender and tall25.majestic, clarinet boogie blues, jerry wald, can't you read between the ...............the last word is missing, 26.good time jazz nobody knows when you're down and out, claire austin sings the blues ,the world's jazz crazy 27.columbia, look what you've done with your dog gone dangerous eyes , benny davis, love honor and o baby!28. capitol, there must be a way, johnnie johnston, laura 29.columbia, mandy, van and schenck,i'll be happy when the preacher makes you mine, irving and jack kaufman30. puritan, virginia blues, lanzburg midnight frolic orchestra, boo hoo hoo 31.hollywood, yes !  i know, linda hayes, que martyn, sister anne (2 of these32.columbia, thats worth while waiting for, irving kaufman, you didn't want me when you had me 33.decca, wee baby blues, art tatum, batters bounce 34.vocalion, everybody loves my baby, the tennessee tooters, jacksonville gal 35.black and white, frankie and johnny,part 1 & 2,  lena horne,36.vocalion, it all depends on you, lee wilson, honolulu moon, there is a chip on the edge, on one side, the chip does not go into the grooves, on the other side, the chip does go into the grooves 37.vocalion, i never knew what the moonlight could do ,frivolity club orchestra,some day 38.brunswick, pretty lips, the clevelanders, when i first met mary 39.brunswick, sonny boy, al jolson, theres a rainbow 'round my shoulder40.brunswick, bye bye pretty baby, abe lyman , just another day wasted away 41.brunswick, doodle doo doo, margaret young, too tired 42. decca, vereda tropical, elviro rios, ti vi pasar 43.victor, echoes from naples,p.frosini,araby march,estudiantina trio    

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